In 2o2o WRS partnered with AkosMD to partner in Telemedicine. This new platform gives our case managers and clients the ability to safely consult with multiple parties without meeting in-person.  

More about AkosMD

Our Videoconferencing Platform:

AkosConnect is our proprietary HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform that allows multiple parties to join with ease and is the preferred connection method for medical consultations, in particular for specialties where all of the physician-patient interaction occurs via the spoken and body languages such as Behavioral Health and Psychiatry.  Videoconferencing adds another dimension to human interaction.  Voice-only connection requires placement of too much emphasis on spoken words alone, whereas video conferencing adds the non-verbal cues or body language, which complements the human communication adding the missing component to effective human interaction.  Video interpreters are also available to join the virtual exam room. 


Immediate Access to Care 24/7/365

AkosConnect is a proprietary portal that allows immediate access to patients 24/7/365.  It is designed for occupational injuries and medical issues. Our integrated platform allows patients to easily connect via phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop via secure text or email, to providers. Akos delivers high-quality care by experienced triage nurses and physicians, when and where your employees need it.  Our philosophy is simple: early treatment, return to work as soon as feasible, and employee engagement for their healing process.