Medical Cost Projections

Questions to consider for Medical Cost Projections:

  • Are you questioning the amount to set for reserves?

  • Do you need educational resources for yourself or others?

  • Does your case have unrelated complications (medical, cultural, literal, or familial)?



Medical Cost Projections, as opposed to Life Care Plans, can be developed at the onset of injury/illness to assist an untrained provider, identify usual and customary care, and establish realistic reserves. Some illness/injury or disease is exacerbated by other unrelated illness and Medical Cost Projection can provide guidelines designed to minimize associated complications.

Medical cost projections typically include medical records review and communication with the treatment team, but may not yield clinical assessment and/or additional assessments for plan completion because of limited funding or access to parties.

Medical Cost Projections are utilized for numerous disability/disease-related injuries/illnesses. Medical Cost Projections are frequently used to project estimated future care costs.

Medical Cost Projections may be done before an individual is medically stable; providing the parties are aware and a recommendation for an updated document is given.