Job Placement Services

Job placement services provide not only an examination of transferable skills and job requirements but also transitional job placement. The beginning of these services is a transferable skills analysis, which starts the process of an eventual fulfilling return to the job market for our clients.

Transferable Skills are those skills that have been used in one job and can be interchanged into another job. A Transferable Skills Analysis provides an assessment of an individual’s employment history, educational history, medical history, and current functional limitations to determine which skills can be transferred to another job. This information is then utilized to identify jobs that an individual may be able to perform based on the skills previously demonstrated.

Job descriptions analysis compiles the appropriate information of job tasks to allow treating physicians to make educated decisions.

A job analysis assesses the demands and requirements of a particular job and assists in determining whether a job/position is suitable and safe for the returning worker. All job analysis are videotaped for documentation and evaluation.

Transitional Employment allows a disabled worker to return to suitable employment for a specified time frame.