IME's, Peer Review & Utilization Review

We can coordinate and schedule IMEs (Independent Medical Examinations) for clients. IME's may be conducted to determine the cause, extent, and medical treatment of work-related or other injuries where liability is at issue. IME's assist in determining whether an individual has reached maximum benefit from treatment; and determine if a permanent impairment that affects one's ability to work remains. IME's allow for the opportunity for additional treatment recommendations, that may need to be considered. 


Peer Review

We can offer Peer Reviews. A Peer Review allows the evaluation of a practitioner's medical treatment plan by one of our experienced team members to determine the quality and safety of care.  The review assesses the medical necessity and suitability of the treatment provided.  The review may also provide recommendations for treatment to be considered. 


Utilization Review

The purpose of the Utilization Review (UR) is to confirm that the plan provides coverage for your medical services. UR determines the appropriateness of services using evidence-based practice guidelines, and a suitable provider is providing that service.  UR aids in prevent unnecessary treatment to an injured worker.