Case Management Services

We provide a broad range of quality expert case management services through a variety of delivery models. We dynamically evaluate, implement, coordinate, and monitor specialized care for both acute and long-term clients. In addition to our medical case management services, our vocational case management services can be found here.

  • Triage

    Triage Case Management is an innovative method of managing caseloads with limited resources in order of priority/necessity. In traditional case management, all cases are given the same weight, therefore the same attention and services, without regard to priority or necessity of services. Triage case management gives the flexibility to treat new cases with the level of concentration needed and deserved

    • 24/7 Telephonic Triage ​

  • Telephonic Case Management

    We deliver several of our excellent case management services through a telephonic model, including short term disability, long term disability, and early intervention programs; all delivered in a three-point contact structure.

  • Field Case Management 

    Field Case Management encompasses the services delivered face-to-face between our professional staff and clients. All parties benefit from this direct interaction in that the client receives immediate clarification of information and support assuring accurate timely services. These models of case management positively impact case outcomes by providing favorable resolution of all issues.

  • Catastrophic Case Management

    We provide specialized catastrophic case management for clients who need these difficult services. In cases of catastrophic injury or illness, a continuum of service must be available to improve and provide the best possible outcome for our clients.

  • Multilingual Case Management

    Our multilingual case management provides a variety of interpretation and translation services to support case management in multiple languages for insurance companies, employers, attorneys, physicians, and facilities.

  • Service Delivery Expectations 

    We are dedicated to providing outstanding services and transparent billing and expectations.
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